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The activation of TOOLS for SMART MINDS software is managed by the License Manager tool, present in all programs (to know how to access, see the relevant guides). It allows viewing all applications and Addons by TOOLS for SMART MINDS installed on your computer and their activation state. Its main window is shown in the figure below.

Figure 1 - License Manager Tool Main Window


Using License Manager

License Manager has to be executed with administrative privileges on your computer.

All licenses are associated to your Computer (hardware) components. For this reason, a license activated on a computer cannot be moved to another one.


Activation with Internet Connection

The easiest and fastest way to activate the products is by using an Internet connection.

Follow the procedure referring to the numbers in the figure below.


Figure 2 - License management: activate a license - Online Activation


1. Edit User Info: The first thing to do is to enter the user information via Edit User Info. It must be done only the first time that a T4SM product is installed.

All fields are required.

The following example illustrates how to fill the form.


Figure 3 - User Information in Activation Dialog

2, 3. Edit Authorization Code: to enter the activation code select the product in the table on the left (number 2) and click on Edit Authorization Code (number 3).

In the window that opens enter the code and click OK.


Figure 4 - Edit Authorization Code


If you do not have a license, you can purchase it by contacting TOOLS for SMART MINDS writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

4. Activate: select the Activate button in the main window to activate your products.


Activation Without Internet Connection

In case your computer is not connected to the Internet for any reason, you can activate your products with the following procedure.

The application asks to save an activation request somewhere on your disk. An activation request is a .lr file which contains your product information that must be transmitted by email to TOOLS for SMART MINDS Activation Service, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You will receive back an activation file processed based on your activation request, attached to a reply email. To complete the activation procedure, click on the Import Activation File button and select the received activation file (.lc).


Figure 5 - License management: activate a license - Online Activation

Follow the steps referring to the figure above:

1. Edit User Info. Ensure user information is correctly filled.

2, 3. Edit Authorization Code: edit all activation codes for the products you want to activate.

4. Save Activation Request: generate your Activation Request file and transfer it on a computer connected to the Internet.

5. Send activation request by email. Attach .lr file to an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

6. Import Activation File: extract .lc file attached to reply email received from TOOLS for SMART MINDS Activation Service and import .lc file by Import Activation File button.


States of licenses

Products can be in one of the following states:

  • Evaluation: the product can be used for an evaluation period. That period is defined by the product’s author.
  • Activated: the product has been activated and can be used up to its expiration date if applied. If no expiration date is defined, the “Expiration” column indicates “never”. 
  • Evaluation Expired: the product cannot be used because its evaluation period is expired. You need to activate the product to use it. Some products, when the evaluation period is expired, don’t stop working, but limit their functionalities. Contact the product author/reseller to get more details.
  • Activated - Expired: the product has been activated, but the expiration date is passed. For this kind of product, you need to contact your reseller and request a new authorization code.

At the left of the product name there is a symbol which indicates the action associated with the product itself:

  • A check means that the product has been properly activated (with or without authorization code) and no further activation will be requested to the online server.
  • A check means that product status is “Expired” and activation is required. If you want to repeat product activation (for example when you need to apply a new activation code), select product row and press the “Mark for activation” button. A black diamond symbol is displayed at the left of the product name.


Edit Authorization Codes

To add/edit an authorization code to a product, click on the product name in the products table and press the Edit Authorization code button. Type the authorization code, generally in the form xxxxx-xxxxx.


Figure 6 - Edit Authorization Code

View Product Details

You can view product details, if available, with a double click over product row. The following figure illustrates the details window.


Figure 7 - Product Details


Product details are useful if you have installed applications/Addon which include parameters defined at activation time.




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