Data Post processing made easy

With Lilium, your data (tables, images, signal streams) can be processed automatically in the easiest way. Lilium allows to distribute your data and tasks over your computer in the network in order to process your file in the shortest time.  Many companies around the globe have chosen Lilium to process real-time data streams in a quick and reliable way.


Data transfer from machines to databases and the Cloud

iDaq collects data from machines, which pass through Lilium that processes them and sends them to third-party platforms.






Lilium is the post-processing solution for the files generated by iDaq and other data collection platforms.

Lilium matches the needs of data elaboration (extrapolation of information, pattern identification, etc.), data files conversion into different formats, and data transferring to database, Cloud and third-party platforms.

Lilium is modular, easily integrable with custom features and easy to use.

Lilium processes data files from anywhere in your network by improving the efficiency of data collection and it minimizes human intervention.

Lilium extracts relevant information from data stream and provides the most relevant data to production management and Data Analysis software, simplifying the procedures of analysis and visualization of the monitored process.



Lilium has an intuitive interface that helps you create a data processing sequence in a few clicks: you have a virtual “assembly line” consisted of set of “specialized workers”, each one capable to perform a specific activity.

Drag those with the features you need on the work line, and give them directions on how to elaborate your information. In a minute you will see your "team" of workers processing the signals picked up from your measurement systems.



With Lilium you can automate the management and processing of data files and obtain immediately the following benefits:

  • Automation of data collection procedures
  • Improvement of the process efficiency
  • Integration of data collection systems with third-party platforms (MES, ERP), databases, Cloud
  • Automatic data conversion of information for data analytics and BI software
  • Elimination of the bottlenecks between data collection phase and the data transfer on the net
  • Zeroing of human errors in the management of collected files
  • Drastic cost reduction of data file management procedures
  • Reduction of data availability time for the management.




Lilium is the most innovative solution for file processing, thanks to its intuitive interface anyone can create virtual "data processing lines" in a few clicks.

Lilium detects any problems in the data management and reports the problem via email or WhatsAppTM. You can activate Lilium at any particular times of the day to coordinate it with other third-party programs. Lilium is fully integrated with iDaq, the most effective solution for collecting data from production plants and test systems.




Automating data collection process, minimizing the causes of problems and identifying relevant information within collected data are the three basic steps to build a Smart Factory to let you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Reducing time taken for post-processing data allows you to keep the focus on the core business and have all the information to successfully achieve your goals.



Industry 4.0 is the modern technological challenge of manufacturing industry. It includes a set of various integrated technologies for business process improvement, both for the way products are made and for the choices of use and management of data related to the produced goods.

Lilium is a simple and economic solution affordable for all SMEs to become more competitive and efficient and reduce costs of collected data management. 



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