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Our Signal Processing Platform includes everything you need to complete your data measurement sessions in the shortest time. iDaq recognizes acquisition hardware and automatically configures it to utilize its full potential. It includes all the features you need for your job.

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iDaq is:

  • Versatile because it can be used with several measuring devices;
  • User-friendly because it has an intuitive interface to help users in every step and it simplifies the management of all the connected sensors and devices;
  • Quick because it permits to store signal data in common spreadsheet formats in a few clicks;
  • Functional because it permits to simultaneously perform different tests and measurements using the same acquisition hardware;
  • Complete because it includes several advanced features, such as virtual channels and programmable triggers to manage your recording sessions;
  • Powerful: it can acquire at a high sampling rate of up to 1 million per second and acquires from an unlimited number of channels.



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Supports any type of sensor

Lets you measure slow and fast signals, from 1 Hz to 2 MHz

Automatically configure measuring devices Supports the most widespread industrial communication protocols
Lets you share signals in real-time between multiple users Acquires analog, digital and camera images
Ideal for real-time monitoring and analysis Integrated with most popular BI tools


Systems and machinery

Below there is a list of real systems and machines to which we have already connected iDaq.


  • Beckhoff CN
  • Fanuc CN
  • Heidenhain CN
  • National Instruments
  • Omron PLC
  • Schneider Electric PLC
  • Siemens PLC

MACHINERY (Brand and type)

  • Agrati (presses)
  • Bausano (drawing bench)
  • CAMAS S.p.A. (assembly machines)
  • CMA Robotics (robot)
  • Coli Group (packaging machines)
  • DAN (Kawasaki grinding robot)
  • Farm Brass (ovens)
  • Frech (presses)
  • Gamma Cami (lathes)
  • Gleason (machining centers)
  • Herkules (grinding machines)
  • HOSOKAWA (blown film lines)
  • Hyundai (machining centers)
  • KOIKE (pantographs)
  • KOMAX (crimping machine)
  • Lesta (painting units)
  • LOGICON (packers)
  • Mazak (vertical machining centers)
  • MECOF (milling machines)
  • Mobert (sealer machine)
  • OTI (presses)
  • Pluritec (drilling machine)
  • PRATI (die cutters)
  • RPM (presses)
  • SCM CNC (machining centers for drilling and milling)
  • SEI LASER (laser labeling machine)
  • STS (milling machines)
  • TOS (boring machines)
  • Toyoda (machining centers)
  • XEIKON (printers)

 Some industrial protocols supported by iDaq

Do you need technical support? See the FAQs and free resources to use iDaq at best:

Technical support


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