Digital Factory 4.0

Turn your SME into Industry 4.0 in an easy way

Thanks to Digital Factory 4.0 you can have your production line under control, in real-time and even remotely.

Artificial Intelligence Software for Predictive Maintenance and Process control of the factory


Real-time production plant control with Digital Factory 4.0

Digital Factory 4.0 was designed to be the easiest, fastest and most complete solution for SMEs who want to have control of their production plant and have all the benefits of Industry 4.0. If you already have an MES, why do you need Fabbrica Digitale 4.0?

  • Because it is the tool that simplifies the understanding of the production process, it allows you to do process innovation and therefore improve efficiency and quality, discovering what are the weak points of production.
  • It integrates with your MES or project management software and data collection system.
  • It allows you to do predictive maintenance and flags problems so you can reduce downtime and waste.
  • Leverages Artificial Intelligence to simplify work, it is the best solution chosen by many entrepreneurs for companies that want to be competitive and face the future challenges.

Alarm Management

Fabbrica Digitale 4.0 has an integrated system for notifications even outside working hours, via sms, email, automatic calls to assistance.


Easy-to-use and extremely customizable

  • It features a visual panel with all your machines and to see in real- time the status, recipes and changes done.
  • You can see the most useful information for you: for example, parts produced and parts rejected, OEE, alarms, history, job progress and much more.
  • No complex tables to consult, Digital Factory 4.0 gives you a clear and simple view of your production line through clearly visible graphs and numbers.
  • Collect production and process data and set thresholds for each machine. All data is saved and analyzed in real-time. Digital Factory 4.0 monitors every detail of your production and alerts you to anomalies.
  • Digital Factory 4.0 collects heterogeneous data from a large number of machines, different from each other and from several production lines of different production plants, even complex one.

Why you will love Digital Factory 4.0


Efficiency in real time

 Because you can see in real-time the efficiency 
of your production line and act 


Objective costs

 Because you will know the objective costs of each
production order
and machine



 Because you will know and trace any 
important information of 
products and machinery

Tailored to your company

Digital Factory 4.0 is configured according to your production line, your machinery and your management system. We work closely with your machinery suppliers, management system and data collection platform if different from ours, to provide you with a tailor-made product.

Contact us to learn more about the potential of Digital Factory 4.0: +39 030 2681510

“With the T4SM team we have finally found the technology that will allow us to make a very important step in terms of quantity and quality of data collection, so we can aspire to enter into highly specialized and sophisticated markets where the tolerances of the gaskets to be produced are really very narrow.
Moreover, the willingness and competence of the T4SM CEO Mr. Vivante will stimulate us further to look for solutions to boost performances of our products more and more.” 

Andrea Belometti - President in Guarni&Med


Our Customers


Why should you choose Digital Factory 4.0? Because you can see our customer testimonials by yourself. See how companies in the following industries have benefited from implementing Digital Factory 4.0 in their production departments, click the industry to see the case study:

Look for example at the case study of Guarni&Med. The need was to interconnect a hundred machines in order to have traceability, knowledge of the cost per order, control of Ved and have the possibility to enter highly specialized markets.

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