Digital Factory 4.0

Turn your SME into Industry 4.0 in an easy way

Thanks to Digital Factory 4.0 you can have your production line under control, in real time and even remotely.

Artificial Intelligence Software for Predictive Maintenance and Process control of the factory


What it is Digital Factory 4.0

Digital Factory 4.0 was designed to be the easiest, fastest and most complete solution for SMEs who want to have control of their production plant and have all the benefits of Industry 4.0.

It is equipped with a visual panel with all your machinery and to see in real time the status, the recipes and the changes made to them.

You can see the most useful information for you, such as the parts produced and the scrap pieces, the alarms and the history.

No complex tables to consult, Digital Factory 4.0 gives you a clear and simple view of your production line.

Collect production and process data and set thresholds for each machine. All data is saved and analyzed in real time. Digital Factory 4.0 checks every detail of your production and alerts you of anomalies.

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Why you will love Digital Factory 4.0


Efficiency in real time

You can see in real time the efficiency 
of your production line and act 


Objective costs

You will know the objective costs of each
production order and machine



You will know and trace any 
important information of 
products and machinery


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