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28 September 2020
SPS 2020 | Parma, Italy
EVENTS: SPS 2020 | Parma, Italy
28th-30th September | Hall 3 - H068 SPS IPC Drives ITALIA, an event dedicated to the world of electrical automation in Italy.
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26 March 2020
Mecspe 2020 | Parma, Italy
EVENTS: Mecspe 2020 | Parma, Italy
18th-20th June | Pad. 6 - H64 Do not miss the opportunity to visit from 18th to 20th June 2020 the nineteenth edition of MECSPE, the reference trade fair for the manufacturing industry, that for years has been registering a steady growth.
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05 February 2020
Our success story of Guarni & Med in the NewsMec magazine
NEWS: Our success story of Guarni & Med in the NewsMec magazine
NewsMec magazine dedicated an article to our success story of Industry 4.0: interconnection of machinery for Guarni & Med, a company specialized in the design and production of gaskets for the medical sector.
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What our customers say about us


“The collaboration with T4SM has been very important for the realization of our new digital 4.0 factory. Not only has it proposed innovative and effective solutions, but it has shown great ability and energy in the field implementation of the project, coordinating and stimulating all the actors involved in the process..”

Giancarlo Paris -  Owner -  METALP

“We are fully satisfied with the solution developed by T4SM because, although it has provided us with an advanced and complex solution that effectively tracks all the data of the phases of our product calibration process, the interface is user friendly and the operators have learned to manage the process quickly, in complete autonomy.”

Ing. Riccardo Dusi -  ICT Manager -  WONDER SPA

“We are very satisfied with T4SM, for their professional and competent support. Within the solutions developed by them, we have found an effective answer to our laboratory needs, which require flexibility and reliability. Their system has made our work easier and we can now better focus on our goals.”

Francesco Chebat -  R&D Corporate Manager -  Rulmeca Holding

"Trying to solve a problem of interconnection between production - warehouse - management, and advised by one of our historical suppliers, we had the pleasure to meet engineer Vivante and T4SM.

After a quick analysis, we immediately identified the solution and established the realization time. 

T4SM has demonstrated technical competence and seriousness, collaborating with the various parties involved in the project and allowing us to achieve the objective".

Luca Moro Administrator




“The choice of T4SM as a supplier was winning because their system now allows us to have a constantly updated and monitored situation in our process.”

Daniela Arrigoni  -  CEO - VERINCOLOR

“Our company was looking for a partner able to interconnect our new machinery to the developing management system. Our request was to have all the data related to the processing, interconnect them with the management system that we were developing and manage them from a single location, being able to fall within the development plan of Industry 4.0. The decision to rely on T4SM as a supplier was made after some meetings and was a winner one. In a very short time they managed to develop what was required by interfacing directly with those who were developing the management system. Given the excellent work, we have decided to entrust T4SM with the expansion of the interconnection of the other machinery”

Marco Carminati -  Production and Logistics Manager -  F.lli Carminati Snc

“I’m very satisfied with the realization of this new production line that fully achieves the objectives and expectations I set in the design phase.

In particular, I’m extremely happy with the collaboration with T4SM, both with Mr. Vivante and with all the staff, because, in addition to a precise and timely availability, they have shown a remarkable technical and design expertise proposing unexpected innovative solutions.

Furthermore, the attention in coordinating the various suppliers was very useful and very precious to me. I rarely came across a supplier who solicited the customer. Surely in the future it will be very useful for me to collaborate on implementing a process control in other departments of the company.”

Alberto Bugatti -  Founder -  Inox House

“The service offered by T4SM is absolutely positive. Their greatest strengths are competence, flexibility and speed in providing a solution. The product provided fully satisfy our demand, the software is very user-friendly, complete and allowed us to have better knowledge of the phenomena involved during test.”

Ing. Simone Bertoli, Ing. Alessandro Gamba  Application Engineer and R&D Manager Carlisle Brake & Friction

“T4SM support has always been timely and punctual, it has always managed to meet our needs and to find solutions to problems occurring during start-up of new equipment. The provided software has largely fulfilled the expectations and it has proved it is an easy-to-use tool.”

Roberto Albanello CNH Industrial

“Surely the best supplier we have worked with. Great attention in meeting the required specifications. Professionalism and reactivity in the resolution of any type of problem. The result, then, has saved us three working days for each test performed, with a unique flexibility of data analysis.”

G. P. Bonelli Advanced Technology Manager Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Italy Spa

“The choice of T4SM as a supplier was spot on because it was able to understand and interpret our needs, propose solutions for achieving our goals, in a fruitful and serene collaboration.”

Roberto Poli  Director PIZETA

“With the T4SM team we have finally found the technology that will allow us to make a very important step in terms of quantity and quality of data collection, so we can aspire to enter highly specialized and sophisticated markets where the tolerances of the gaskets to be produced are really very narrow.

Moreover, the willingness and competence of the T4SM CEO  Mr. Vivante will stimulate us further to look for solutions to boost performances of our products more and more.”

Andrea Belometti Presidente  Guarnimed



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