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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance is based on proactive intervention methodology of possible fault before it happens to keep all the machinery performing all time, thereby increasing product quality and avoiding long production stoppages.

To be able to take advantage of this advanced analysis, SME must embody in their plant production new resources, like:

  • Sensors or measuring devices, that have different types of operation according to the physical phenomenon they have to control.
  • Performance computing systems for immediate collection and analysis of a large amount of plant-source data.
  • Big Data agile management resulting in a decrease time of data elaborating thanks to real-time and intuitive visualization of information.
  • Teamwork with software experts to be able to improve efficiency and gain full control of production.


Some predictive maintenance techniques that you can find in our software

  •  Vibration Analysis: this model is based on vibration spectrum of a rotating machine tools and you can discover production defects in advance and malfunctions of the components of such machinery.

Esempio di pannello per l’analisi vibrazionale

  • Production parameters monitoring: thanks to production data collection and to their analysis from sensors you can simply discover the smallest anomalies in the signals received and predict the problem even weeks in advance.

Esempio di pannello per il monitoraggio dei dati di processo

  • Tribology analysis: it is the science that studies all the problems that can occur in the motion between different components of a machinery that are subjected to stress. Specifically, the three entities that most affect machinery performance are studied, which are: friction, wear and tear, and lubricates.

Esempio di pannello per l’analisi tribologica

  • Thermal analysis: thanks to using a camera you can see thermal radiations of an object. This type of analysis allows you to know the temperatures of different objects and it can immediately detect if there are any anomalies or failures in the companies.

Esempio di analisi termica

Find some instantaneous benefits reserved for your plant

With plant monitoring in real-time and the application of Machine Learning algorithms you can anticipate possible failures and stoppages so that the problem can be precisely fixed before it gets worse.

100% Stop downtime

Zero wasted production and raw materials with agile plant maintenance management.

70% more machinery utilization

Thanks to early warning in case of anomaly detected, you can schedule the intervention during non-productive times, greatly reducing labor and repair costs on the machinery and avoiding downtime.

16% Plant efficiency

You get the greatest return from every business resource by quickly checking the performance of process and production data.

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