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What you can do with our solutions

We have developed a suite of data collection, management and analysis tools that allow you to boost your and your business productivity thanks to Artificial Intelligence systems. We have designed them to be the best in terms of performance and intuitiveness, to help you manage your business in a strategic way thanks to valuable data and automated systems for the control of parameters and alarms.

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Benefits of our software 



This is how our software interacts to offer you the best in data collection and analysis in an intuitive but advanced way.

Software Stack


The products in detail


iDaq Analytics

How to Become a Smart Factory
in Three Simple Steps

iDaq Analytics allows a 360° view of the production process thanks to the strategic approach of data analysis, starting from raw data up to the visualization and processing of data.

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Easy Datalogger

View and save signals in a few clicks

Easy Datalogger for iDaq is the ideal tool for the technical analysis of the signals of a machine or a set of sensors.

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Smart Monitoring

Predictive maintenance

With Smart Monitoring you can accurately predict faults and stops before they occur. Discover all the benefits you can draw from it.  

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Digital Factory 4.0

Turn your SME into Industry 4.0 in an easy way

Thanks to Digital Factory 4.0 you can have your production line under control, in real time and even remotely.

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All your Data At Your Fingertips

Our Signal Processing Platform includes everything you need to complete your data measurement sessions in the shortest time. iDaq recognizes acquisition hardware and automatically configures it to utilize its full potential. It includes all the features you need for your job.

Check out the updated website for the occasion of the launch of iDaq 2018.

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Data Post processing made easy

With Lilium, your data (tables, images, signal streams) can be processed automatically in the easiest way. Lilium allows to distribute your data and tasks over your computer in the network in order to process your file in the shortest time.  Many companies around the globe have chosen Lilium to process real-time data streams in a quick and reliable way.

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