Easy Datalogger

View and save signals in a few clicks

Easy Datalogger for iDaq is the ideal tool for the technical analysis of the signals of a machine or a set of sensors.

Thanks to the features of iDaq, Easy Datalogger receives and saves the signals from different National Instruments acquisition cards, local and remote.

It includes an easy-to-use front panel that minimizes the time spent learning the program so you can focus on your activities only.

View and save signals quickly and easily with Easy Datalogger


Easy Datalogger records your data in multiple formats in a few clicks and supports different save frequencies. The recorded data can be opened in common spreadsheets even during the recording session.

The selected channels are displayed in the main Easy Datalogger window; for each channel, you can view a chart and change different views and storage options.

For each selected channel, you can select your favorite indicator (text, indicator, vertical slide, horizontal slide, or graph). You can also define a custom background image to create the customized synoptic panel.

With Easy Datalogger you can customize the way in which signals are displayed: color, size, precision and more. Set the appearance and preferences of your channels in the way you want and create amazing interfaces.

Easy Datalogger is not just a data logger application.

It's fast, intuitive, complete and makes your data collection system clear, customizable and easy to use.


The easiest and fastest viewing tool

Save data in open formats ready for popular applications

Access all sensors in the network in real time Integrated Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive to share data with your team
All data at your fingertips with just a few clicks It warns you when the signals contain anomalies
Present your data in a spectacular way in a few seconds  

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The new function: Instant View

With Instant View, you can create customized synoptic panels in one click. Watch the video and find out how.



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