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With the advent of 5.0 and the new investment regulations under this new announcement, the Sabatini law is also being "tinged" with green.

Dated Dec. 11, 2023, the new Directorial Circular No. 50031 provides what is briefly listed below

Circular n. 50031 of Dec. 11, 2023 - Amendments to Circular n. 410823 of Dec. 6, 2022, on the terms and procedures for the submission of applications for the granting and disbursement of grants under the Decree of the Minister of Economic Development in consultation with the Minister of Economy and Finance April 22, 2022 (Capital Goods - New Sabatini), following the entry into force on July 1, 2023, of Commission Regulation (EU) 2023/1315 of June 23, 2023.  


Circular n. 410823 dated December 6, 2022 of this Directorate General is amended as follows:  

  1.  point 6.5 is replaced in its entirety by the following: "With reference to enterprises operating in sectors not included among those referred to in points 6.1 and 6.2 above, the investment programs must be attributable, within the limits and under the Page 4 of 4 conditions set forth in the GBER Regulation, to one of the types referred to in Article 17 "Investment aid for SMEs" of the GBER:
    • investment in tangible and intangible assets related to the establishment of a new establishment;
    • expansion of the capacity of an existing establishment;
    • diversification of the production of an establishment to obtain products or services not previously manufactured or supplied in that establishment;
    • substantial change in the overall production process of the product(s) or the overall provision of the service(s) affected by the investment in the establishment;
    • acquisition of assets belonging to an establishment: - that has been closed or would have been closed without such acquisition; - through a transaction that takes place at arm's length; - by a third party that has no relationship with the acquirer.  The mere acquisition of shares in an enterprise is not considered an initial investment. 
  2. annex 1 to Circular No. 410823 of December 6, 2022, as amended by Circular No. 28277 of July 3, 2023, is replaced by Annex 1 to this Circular;  
  3. annex 4 to Circular No. 410823 of December 6, 2022, is amended by Annex 4 to this Circular. 

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