ricerca e sviluppo di software per la raccolta e analisi dei dati e soluzioni personalizzate per Industria 4.0

About Us


For over 20 years we have been supporting our customers in the development of solutions for data collection and analysis, predictive maintenance and process drift with the most modern techniques of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We work for industries of Automotive, Aerospace, Mechanics, Energy & Infrastructure, Food & Beverage sectors.

We help entrepreneurs to improve the productivity of their companies and the quality of life of their employees, with innovations that combine data, technology, design and people, to solve real problems.

Our mission is to create value for businesses, technicians and researchers by improving production processes with innovative solutions for data collection and management from machinery and test systems.

What our customers say about us


“Surely the best supplier we have worked with. Great attention in meeting the required specifications. Professionalism and reactivity in the resolution of any type of problem. The result, then, has saved us three working days for each test performed, with a unique flexibility of data analysis.”

G. P. Bonelli
Advanced Technology Manager
Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Italy Spa




“With the T4SM team we have finally found the technology that will allow us to make a very important step in terms of quantity and quality of data collection, so we can aspire to enter into highly specialized and sophisticated markets where the tolerances of the gaskets to be produced are really very narrow.
Moreover, the willingness and competence of the T4SM CEO Mr. Vivante will stimulate us further to look for solutions to boost performances of our products more and more.” 

Andrea Belometti


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How we define ourselves

Company Profile

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  • TOOLS for SMART MINDS engineers' studio is founded


  • The Company creates the first application based on National Instruments measurement boards


  • Development of LabVIEW based solutions begins


  • The Company realizes the first Machine Learning applications with infrared images analysis


  • The Company creates the first control solutions with FPGA technology for automotive applications


  • Development of iDaq - The most powerful and flexible data collection and analysis platform on the market


  • At NI WEEK in Austin (TX), iDaq is awarded finalist in the Best Data Acquisition Product contest of the LabVIEW tools network


  • The entire development team achieve the highest certification for programming with LabVIEW (Certified LabVIEW Architect)


  • TOOLS for SMART MINDS becomes TOOLS for SMART MINDS S.r.l.


  • Development of Digital Factory 4.0 - the best software solution to monitor your plant with artificial intelligence integrated.


  • Development of Digital Factory AI.Tech - the innovative platform for real-time 360° control of your plant with Machine Learning models.


  • T4SM entra a far parte del network Diginnova

      T4SM joins Diginnova network, a group of innovative SMEs founded in 2021 by Telmotor

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Our Expertise

With more than 20 years of experience with National Instruments products, we know what it takes to build complex software products that exceed expectations. We achieve this by meeting with scientists, engineers, and final users early on to better understand both the technical and business needs of their projects; helping them move quickly from prototypes to commercially-available products. We adopt Agile software development which provides continuous customer involvement in the development process and proposes an approach focused on the goal to deliver quickly and frequently, functional and quality software to the customer.


Our Solutions

From developing instrument control software for industrial automation, test and measurement applications to building large-scale commercial, mission-critical applications. We apply advanced engineering tools, best practices and draw from our depth of knowledge to every project. We’re committed to creating valuable tools that help our customers to deliver high-quality solutions. We’ve built a suite of data acquisition tools that solve measurement acquisition problems for researchers and technicians around the globe. We are totally committed to our partner network and customers to turn their ideas into amazing solutions.


Our Team

We’re not average software developers. We rely on our collective expertise and senior-level LabVIEW experience with several Certified LabVIEW Architects (CLA) to build one-of-a-kind solutions for our clients.


Research and Development

TOOLS for SMART MINDS is committed to the continuous research and development of new software technologies to help companies in the process of manufacturing digitization.



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