iDaq Analytics

How to Become a Smart Factory
in Three Simple Steps

iDaq Analytics allows a 360° view of the production process thanks to the strategic approach of data analysis, starting from raw data up to the visualization and processing of data.


What is iDaq Analytics?

iDaq Analytics is a complete set of Cloud-based software tools for entrepreneurs and technicians who want to control the production process in-depth, to improve efficiency, and make strategic decisions based on objective data, simplifying the work. iDaq Analytics differs from the competition because it contains Machine Learning and solutions specially designed to solve the problems of industrial production. Customize dimensions, metrics, calculations; thanks to its intuitive interface you do not need to write lines of programming, and you can create dashboards in one click.




First Step: Data Collection

  • Automatic data acquisition
  • Integration of data coming directly from machines, sensors, databases and terminals for operators
  • Monitoring of data in real time
  • Communicate automatically with technicians and maintainers when a problem occurs
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Second Step: Analysis

  • Knowledge the production costs in an objective way
  • Integration with ERP, MES, and management system
  • Knowledge the problems before they occur
  • Creation customizable dashboards in a few clicks



Third Step: Optimization

  • Improving production process control
  • Better management of production costs
  • Strategically plan maintenance
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Carefully Created

iDaq Analytics is the ideal platform for companies that want a simple solution to seize new opportunities for growth and improvement; born from the synergy between Welol Next and TOOLS for SMART MINDS.

Know all the details of your production, from order to the finished product, and improve efficiency even further.


iDaq Analytics | The first platform in Cloud for smart companies




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