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PrAna or Production Analysis is T4SM's intuitive suite of panels dedicated to instant processing of production statistics with which you can create 5.0 growth opportunities. By identifying potential processing flaws in real time, the solution enables early action on problems so as to improve process quality right away and reduce costly wastage of raw materials.


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One of the merits of our suite is that it is to all intents and purposes the ally needed to be able to tackle the Industry 5.0 journey with an extra gear. In fact, through complete and instantaneous control of the plant, savings of different consumptions (energy, gas, or water), reduction of costs and environmental impact, production efficiency has never been so tangible and at your fingertips.



What sets our solution apart from others?

With the computing power of thousands of data per second and the scalability of the solution, PrAna complements third-party analytics software and makes them even faster in providing real-time production statistics required by SMEs on a daily basis, thus becoming one of the most popular and chosen products for manufacturing companies aiming for efficiency and sustainability of the work process. 


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Operational benefits

Knowing how to understand process data in an instant is the starting point for achieving new efficiency and sustainability milestones in view of Industry 5.0. With PrAna all this is possible in a short time, achieving additional benefits, such as:

  • Digitization of production and the application of a "zero paper" approach evolve paper-based work processes into digital ones
  • The constant improvement of product quality thanks to the complete control of the plant, which allows timely intervention in case of detected anomalies
  • More efficient resource management with detailed analysis of consumption related to each job order and machinery
  • The simplicity and speed of consulting information gives all users a strategic and in-depth view of the production process

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Use the power of PrAna's technology to anticipate market needs and stand out!


Discover how the continuous innovation and intuitive simplicity of PrAna's suite

can take your company to the Industry 5.0 horizon!


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