Improve enterprise resource management in real time? From today you can with Digital Factory Smart Board

T4SM's Digital Factory Smart Board is the ace in the hole for SMEs that want to easily enter the Industry 5.0 era, tracking their production and plant in every detail remotely. With its eye-catching design and intuitive interface, the platform makes it easy to visualize the data collected and analyzed by the machinery, thus allowing them to get a snapshot of what is happening during working hours and, in case of reported anomalies, to be able to take timely action on the problem.


t4sm SmartBoard



What distinguishes our solution from others?

Unlike other platforms for automatic and continuous process control, Digital Factory Smart Board allows you to consult multimedia documents directly on the machine in an instant so that you can increase production efficiency, eliminating possible bottlenecks due to the failure to pass business information.






Customizable indicators and dashboards


Digital Factory Smart Board provides fully configurable and scalable indicators and dashboards, allowing users to monitor consumption, productivity and other relevant parameters in real time.

Attractive design and graphics 



The Digital Factory Smart Board interface offers a modern design and attractive graphics, enhancing the user experience and making data easier to understand.



Real-time alerts 


With its ability to detect and report critical situations instantly, Digital Factory Smart Board enables users to react promptly to any anomalies or problems in the plant or machine.

Agile access to multimedia documents 


Digital Factory Smart Board offers the ability to consult multimedia documents directly from the panel on the machine for maintenance or machine checks, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.




Operational Benefits

T4SM's Digital Factory Smart Board is the must-have solution for SMEs that want to enter the Industry 5.0 era "in style," offering concrete and lasting benefits for the manufacturing industry:

  • Instant production efficiency optimization thanks to the software, which analyzes consumption data and identifies areas for improvement, helping to reduce costs and costly production waste.
  • Improved safety with constant monitoring of plant conditions, preventing possible accidents and ensuring operator safety.
  • Maximizing enterprise resource management by providing the detailed and accurate information at all times that can support strategic decisions.
  • Agile achievement of environmental certifications with the platform that helps keep plants in line with current regulations.
  • Real-time increase in productivity with the diagnostic technologies in the solution, which enable immediate intervention when anomalies are detected



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Digital Factory Smart Board

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