Eliminate production inefficiencies instantly with T4SM's Production Management

Production Management or Part Program Manager is T4SM's innovative solution for advanced production management based on a 5.0 perspective.

Within the T4SM suite of solutions, this tool allows managers to coordinate all the management of the production department optimally and agilely: in fact, it is possible to enter the operating data of each machine, efficiently and centrally manage all the processing recipes, differentiated by item and by machine, to be then automatically sent to the machines.







Production Management represents an important breakthrough for companies wishing to meet the challenges of Industry 5.0 with simple and intuitive tools. In addition, compared to monolithic MES/management systems on the market, the platform is fully customizable to the different SMEs needs.






Gestione della Produzione è molto più di un semplice software: è un partner strategico che accompagna le PMI verso l’eccellenza operativa, la realizzazione di una fabbrica intelligente, interconnessa e verso nuovi standard di efficienza.

Production Management is more than just software: it is a strategic partner that guides SMEs toward operational excellence, the realization of a smart, interconnected factory and toward new efficiency standards.

With our solution you can

  • Optimize processes in a click thanks to the simplification of workflow management by consulting all processing recipes in a few seconds.
  • Improve plant efficiency and operational sustainability in an instantaneous moment.
  • Eliminate human errors through automation and data accuracy.
  • Maximize the sustainability of your production process by reducing paper use and optimizing energy, gas and Carbon Footprint.
  • Organize processing strategically, achieve higher product quality and position yourself at an edge over competitors.
  • Increase productivity through reduction of non-productive time and efficiency in resource management.
  • Remotely initiate orders by sending recipes to the desired machines, specifying the number of parts and the item to be produced.
  • Efficiently plan production for a fast and intuitive process.
  • Eliminate manually completed paper forms resulting in zero human error and accelerated sharing information between company levels.
  • Agile integration with pre-existing enterprise IT systems, such as MES or ERP, for even smoother management.
  • Real-time calculation of resource requirements thanks to the simple and intuitive production statistics panels supported by the software.




Transform your production with T4SM's Production Management


Discover how our technology can revolutionize the production process, reduce costs and increase efficiency to gain complete control of your plant. The precision and agility you need to outperform the competition is encapsulated in our solution.

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