The power of your plant in the palm of your hand

Factory Everywhere is T4SM's new app for monitoring, media management and fleet optimization available for any device. The solution offers complete control and immediate sharing between business owners and department managers of up-to-date production assets.

Adoption of the platform in manufacturing plants is a big step in making manufacturing sustainability more efficient with an Industry 5.0 perspective: by optimizing company resources, it helps to instantly decrease the manufacturing industry's carbon footprint.


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What distinguishes our solution from others?

T4SM's Factory Everywhere stands out in the competitive landscape because with a single solution, you can control your plant remotely and access documents related to your production plant and production (for example, technical drawings, guides for maintenance to be done on the machinery, electrical diagrams, and lots of other information).


Even more agile fleet monitoring

Constant monitoring of production facilities via the app is a revolution in the manufacturing sector. By using cutting-edge technology to quickly identify and troubleshoot machinery failures, Factory Everywhere increases business productivity, reduces downtime, and cuts onerous processing costs in half. This operational transparency improves production quality and speed, enabling more agile resource management.



Frame. Scan. Consult - Corporate knowledge at the touch of a QR!

Having access to one's documents from any device has become indispensable, and Factory Everywhere becomes the key pillar for growth and innovation within any organization. When colleagues actively share experiences and expertise, it creates a dynamic work environment where learning is continuous and knowledge multiplies. This exchange not only enriches the individual, but elevates the entire team, creating a positive and productive work climate.




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Operational benefits

In the era of industrial 5.0 digitization, Factory Everywhere is the indispensable ally for:

  • Optimize production processes resulting in lower operating costs by reducing waste and using resources more efficiently
  • Access data and manage plants from anywhere, providing constant supervision without the need to be physically present
  • Be confident that the information in the app is managed in full compliance with privacy regulations by implementing the latest security technologies
  • Halve learning time as the solution is easily usable by all users, with a clear and functional design that does not require advanced technical skills
  • Shape the production process from a sustainable perspective by optimizing the use of enterprise resources and reducing waste


Empower your productivity with a tap!


It's time to take the next step toward manufacturing efficiency in Industry 5.0:

choose Factory Everywhere, the future is already here!


Contact us to find out how you can become a key player in the new digital revolution easily, securely and in real time.


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