Digital Factory AI.Tech

Innovative monitoring platform for the entire production plant

Through the processing of data coming from machines and sensors, Digital Factory AI.Tech is able to give you clear and fundamental information for the optimization of your production.


Efficient predictive maintenance strategies

Digital Factory AI.Tech was created as a tool to support those entrepreneurs and production managers who are looking for a simple and intuitive solution to optimize the performance of their company.


Dynamism to the nth power

Detailed view of machinery and individual variables


Even simpler

Quick installation and intuitive interface

3D Interface

Factory monitoring from any angle



Developed to facilitate workflow

  • Analyze production in just a few clicks. Check the number of parts produced, scrap parts and hours spent on production per machine;
  • Make your team even more autonomous and independent thanks to the media function;
  • Extend the life cycle of your machines and strengthen your customer loyalty by maximizing the quality of your products.


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