Smart Monitoring

Predictive maintenance

With Smart Monitoring you can accurately predict faults and stops before they occur. Discover all the benefits you can draw from it.  


What it is Smart Monitoring

Smart Monitoring is the solution to maximize the efficiency of your production system.

Smart Monitoring monitors machine parameters in real-time and constantly checks trends to determine in advance when a certain value will be out of tolerance. And you can see in a simple and intuitive way when a component will break, so you can plan a targeted repair.


Benefits you can get with predictive maintenance


Ridurre i fermi di produzione  

Reduce production stops
not programmed

Unplanned downtime can cost thousands of euros per hour. A proactive maintenance department may decide to disable critical downtime by scheduling the repair during non-production times.

Ridurre i costi dell’apparecchiatura  

Reduce equipment costs

Instead of replacing the entire equipment due to a critical failure, a repair is performed before a failure occurs and the cost is reduced to the price of the component and to the work required for repair.  

Ridurre i costi di manodopera  

Reduce costs
of labor

When repairs are scheduled, the amount of time required for repair is reduced due to fewer component replacements.

Aumentare i ricavi  

Increase revenue

With less maintenance on good components and faster repair of the faulty ones, repairs can be managed more effectively and efficiently, reducing repair times.

Aumentare la sicurezza  

Increase security

Preventive maintenance helps resolve potential problems before a failure occurs, creating safer conditions for employees and customers.

Aumentare l’efficienza  

Increase efficiency
of maintenance

Avoid wasting resources to understand the fault. By identifying the exact repair operation, the tools and the support needed to correct the parts, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of the maintenance. 


Predictive maintenance, download PDF:



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