Industry 4.0 Italian National Plan was presented in Milan

Industry 4.0 National Plan: 23 billion in four years

Italy's public commitment to support the so-called fourth industrial revolution will be higher than that of the major economic powers such as the US, Germany and France. The National Plan Industry 4.0, introduced last September 21 in Milan, provides investments of 13 billion euro, which will be devoted to innovation and research. The goal is to reach 10 billion private investment for 2017: a major package of tax breaks will contribute to achieve this result.

The holder of the Ministry of Economic Development Carlo Calenda, pointed up that public intervention will follow the private sector investment, amounting to 24 billion euro until 2020. These will be invested in 2017 in technology and goods and, by 2020, in research and development. The intentions of the government are oriented towards obtaining 200,000 students and 3,000 specialized managers within the industry 4.0.

In addition to investments, the National Plan Industry 4.0 includes significant deductions and incentives in support of specialized training.

All measures, incentives and investment will lead to the long-awaited Italian digitization. This means rethinking business processes as a function of the support that digital technologies and innovations are now able to guarantee.

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