Data analysis and predictive maintenance optimise the company

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Article published in the Platinum magazine “Aziende &Protagonisti” with il Sole 24 ORE on 18 July 2022.

Tools for Smart Minds: with a cohesive team on the road to great achievements.

Extensive experience in the field of predictive maintenance makes TOOLS for SMART MINDS a substantial partner for any company that wants to invest in its competitiveness by improving production processes and saving on raw materials and energy costs.

The cohesive staff of the Brescia-based company brings to every company those data analysis and artificial intelligence processes that until yesterday were the exclusive domain of the IT world. The result is the acceleration of digitisation processes and the improvement of all internal processes thanks to innovative solutions for data collection and analysis, with Machine Learning algorithms for predictive maintenance with a consequent increase in value for companies. “Our flagship is Ai.Tech - explains Nadia Vivante, partner at TOOLS for SMART MINDS - a platform dedicated to real-time 24/7 visualisation and monitoring of the entire plant: this solution allows instant control of process and production data, and of the status of machinery, thus reducing downtime and, thanks to predictive maintenance, prolonging its life.

In 2022, we increased our turnover by more than 50% compared to the previous year. Anticipating continued growth in the coming years, we know that in order to achieve this we must focus on what is most essential: people”.

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