Artificial Intelligence as a key player in the digital revolution in Italy

Interconnessione tardiva

Artificial intelligence is a booming but mostly fast growing field.

According to data from the Artificial Intelligence Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, post-pandemic, the Italian artificial intelligence market has returned to growth reaching a value of 380 million euros, thus recording an increase of 27% in 2021.

Of this 380 million, 76% was commissioned by Italian companies, for a total of 290 million euros.

Over the next decade, one of the main goals facing AI is the replacement of all repetitive, routine, low-value-added work tasks in manufacturing enterprises, factories, production lines, and logistics. It will also assist smart programmed machinery, collaborative robotics and smart handling systems.

There is a growing interest in Data analytics that allows real-time integration and processing of heterogeneous data that can be key to new and optimized business strategies.

Italy has also taken an important step forward by approving the Strategic Program for Artificial Intelligence, which identifies 24 policies to be implemented over the next three years to enhance the AI system in Italy.

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