Transition 4.0: extension of deadlines for delivery of capital goods

Interconnessione tardiva

The Ministry of Economic Development accepts the request of machine manufacturers to extend the delivery terms for capital goods ordered by the end of 2021 from June to December 2022.

A deadline too close, according to the companies, considering the current conditions of the context, ravaged by the great difficulty in finding raw materials and electronic components.
Therefore, the request put forward by Federmacchine - the federation of Italian manufacturers of capital goods - and by the entire business world, to lengthen the delivery terms to safeguard the customers of capital goods manufacturers, who risked seeing their tax benefits reduced, is accepted.
In fact, machinery ordered by the end of last year enjoys the higher rates provided for 2021, provided it is delivered by June 2022.
The postponement will have immediately measurable benefits on thousands of manufacturing companies that are customers of capital equipment manufacturers.

Businesses that, without government intervention, risked seeing their tax benefits related to the acquisition of those machines reduced.

Satisfaction for Giorgetti's decision also comes from Confindustria, which has been pressing for some time for Mise to postpone the deadline until the end of the year.

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