Smart Manufacturing as a generator of added value for products, processes and people

Interconnessione tardiva

The integration and efficient use of data enables the optimization of processes and the achievement of high business performance.

Investments in smart manufacturing transformation technologies are growing rapidly, and business leaders are experiencing the tangible benefits on their own operations.  Today, for a large number of production managers, the ability to constantly monitor production is critical. It's a need that was born with the outbreak of the pandemic, but one that continues in the face of multiple benefits.

Being a smart manufacturing means knowing how to use their data intelligently, making them useful, shareable and interpretable by all, in a functional and fast way. This is possible by connecting and optimizing people, processes and products. With what results?

Processes: Better planning, more flexibility to control processes, reduced costs, and shorter setup times;

Products: the focus is on the customer, on everything that is useful to satisfy his needs and on what he considers as value. The product is directed towards customization, flexibility (small batches at costs typical of economies of scale), reduction of lead time (understood as the reduction of the company's response time to customer needs) and finally to the increase of quality;

People: human capital and man-machine integration increase the value of the company's assets. Extrapolating a large number of data is a source of advantage only if at the same time there is a person who knows how to interpret and transform them into profitable business decisions. Moreover, thanks to the help of these technologies, the operators will not have to dedicate their time to supervise the ordinary processes, but they will be promptly available in case of anomalies that the machine cannot solve alone.

It's a path that lays the foundation for complete digital transformation. This is essential to integrate the factory with all areas of the business.

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