Predictive maintenance conquers Italian companies

Interconnessione tardiva

According to a survey conducted by the research institute OnePoll, Italian companies that use predictive maintenance for machines and plants are increasingly more.

92% of respondents said they use predictive maintenance in manufacturing. More specifically:

  •  44% plan to expand this technology to machines equipped with smart sensors;
  • 47% want to increase the number of machines to which they implement it.

Among companies, on the other hand, that are not yet using the technology, 47% said they plan to introduce it by 2021.

The most compelling reasons for companies to implement predictive maintenance are:

  • Avoid downtime and production losses (42%) 
  • Increased production efficiency (43%)
  • Improved production quality (37%)
  • Less need to replace components (34%)

The companies interviewed also stated that this type of maintenance is primarily used to measure values such as:

  • the temperature;
  • speed;
  • noise and audio signals;
  • operation and timing;
  • Pressure and vibration.

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