Interconnection 4.0: tax benefits and increased production efficiency

Interconnessione tardiva

The interconnection of tangible assets 4.0 allows the entrepreneur to obtain the tax benefits provided by the state and even more important for the future of the company, obtain an increase in production efficiency and a reduction in operating costs.

A circular of the Agenzia delle Entrate, in merit to the delay on the interconnection, specifies that this last one can also intervene in a successive year to that of execution of the investment and of putting in operation of the good, exclusively for the necessity to adapt the necessary computer science infrastructure to the interconnection. In such a way the facilitation does not come less, provided that the technical characteristics 4.0 are lent in the good already before its first use or putting in operation.

Companies that do not use the software (intangible assets 4.0) to operate according to the logic 4.0, lose the tax benefits provided. It is important that the fulfilment of all technological characteristics remains for as long as the beneficiary subject benefits from the tax credit under review.

It is necessary to look at the interconnection as an opportunity that allows the company an optimization of the production process as a whole, being able to analyze in detail the operating costs, energy consumption, the quality of the final product supplied and many other data.

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