Remote upload of part programs: when is it mandatory?

Interconnessione tardiva

Some types of machinery are not subject to the constraint of remote loading of instructions and/or part programs.

Specifically, the application of the facilitation rules does not necessarily require that the asset is able to receive instructions and/or part-programs concerning the performance of one or more sequences of identified activities, programmed and/or externally dictated for those machines that, being made for a single work cycle or for a single completely standardized processing, do not need to receive operating instructions either in relation to the sequence of activities to be performed or in relation to the process variables.

Examples are: shears, cutters, circular saws, drills, crushers and grinding mills.

It is sufficient that the asset is able to transmit output data, functional, to meet the additional requirements of remote maintenance and / or remote diagnostics and / or remote control and continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters.

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