Easy Data Logger: new features

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Easy Data Logger is constantly updated and improved.

The latest version of Easy Data Logger includes several new features that make it an even more suitable tool for customized test systems, real-time visualization and analysis, as well as for sharing processed data.

In measurement and test applications, Easy Data Logger is the ideal tool for the creation of customized test systems and panels that can be adapted to any field of application. It is currently used in vibration, automotive, leak testing and many other sectors. For its versatility and extreme ease of use, Easy Data Logger is the tool of choice even for non-specialized personnel.

But Easy Data Logger is much more. In fact, it is now updated offering new improvements and features that make it an even more unique, complete and indispensable tool for the measurement and testing world.

Easy Data Logger TWIN

The first feature introduced is Easy Data Logger TWIN, a test panel copy accessible via web. Through a web address or simply a QR code, it allows you to share the same panel updated in real-time with other colleagues. It reproduces every aspect of the view: the indicators chosen, the status of the measurement session, the background image and the data in real-time.

Easy Data Logger Twin Panel

Easy Data Logger TWIN offers the following benefits:

  • Remote sharing of the test panel in order to receive support and guidance from a more experienced colleague;
  • Access at any time to the measurement or test session, useful for example for unmonitored and remote systems.
    Text data.

Text data type

In addition to numeric, digital and image data management, Easy Data Logger is now able to receive and display texts and file paths that can be included in the synoptic panel like any other signal.

Text type data aren't only displayed, but also historicized in the same way as numerical data. This functionality extends the use of Easy Data Logger even to more complex applications where it is necessary to display and save texts such as the name of the article under test or the name of the recipe loaded in a PLC, allowing you to speed up your work right away.

Automatic reconnection

More and more applications require the use of unmonitored test systems, i.e. test systems without an operator or a dedicated technician to monitor and interact with the test panel. Easy Data Logger already contains numerous functionalities oriented to this type of applications, such as automatic saving on multiple files, automatic logging, notification emails and other programmable actions.

To this is added the new automatic reconnection function. It may happen that, for various technical reasons, the network connection is interrupted. If this happens during data storage and especially in a complex, unmonitored application, the problem can be noticed too late and invalidate days or even weeks of measurement. The new automatic reconnection function makes Easy Data Logger re-establish the connection to data source and resume saving as soon as possible. In this situation, historicization resumes without any external intervention and without data loss.

Thanks to the new improvements and features introduced, Easy Data Logger is the indispensable tool for testing and measurment. It is compatible with acquisition boards, PLC, databases and machines in general.



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