New features and improvements for Digital Factory 4.0

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Digital Factory 4.0 is constantly updated and improved.

Digital Factory 4.0's updated version includes new features and improvements to existing features that make it the ideal suite of applications for SMEs Industry 4.0: the clever software developed by TOOLS for SMART MINDS.

To cope better with new challenges in the employment, it is increasingly important to use the tools provided by the production process digitization and technologies known as Industry 4.0.

For this reason, Digital Factory 4.0 suite is updated offering new features, improvements that allow you to better face new processes and improve production efficiency: for this reason, Digital Factory 4.0 confirms itself as the most suitable and easy to use application to support companies and entrepreneurs in these challenges.

Save time with Digital Factory 4.0 functionality

  • It automates actions directly on the company's machinery;
  • It simplifies the work of machinery workers and operators to be even more productive;
  • It automatically configures machine parameters to be adapted to the product being processed;
  • It clearly displays the selected production batch with its data updated in real-time;
  • It facilitates the processing or order changes by automating the setting procedures of the machinery according to the article to be produced;
  • It sends an e-mail when the set number of parts has been reached or resets the counters when machining is started;
  • It eliminates human errors.

As always, all these operations are highly customizable and their configuration allows you to better adapt to your work: Digital Factory 4.0 integrates with your work requirements and allows you to increase quality and production efficiency.

Digital Factory 4.0 data collection and analysis capabilities have been improved: new smart features integrate the data collected from the machines with the information declared by employees and managers. Thanks to these interconnection features, Digital Factory 4.0 allows to "convert" old generation machines into machines 4.0 that can be integrated into the new company's digital production process. Eliminating the use of paper becomes a possible goal even when new and older machines live together in the same factory.

Thanks to the new functions and constant improvement of Digital Factory 4.0, the transformation into Industry 4.0 is a challenge within the available to all companies and the digital process benefits improve data collection and analysis to allow entrepreneurs to make strategic decisions.

Entrusting the control of the production to Digital Factory 4.0 guarantees you to have higher quality products, improved efficiency of the entire equipment even of old generation and allows you to fully dedicate yourself to your work.

→ Discover now how to integrate Digital Factory 4.0 suite into your company!


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