iDaq Analytics | The first platform in Cloud for smart companies

iDaq Analytics | The first platform in Cloud for smart companies

TOOLS for SMART MINDS team, in collaboration with Welol Next, is proud to present iDaq Analytics, the innovative Cloud platform tailored for all SMEs that want to upgrade their efficiency.

Discover what you can do:

  • Manage every aspect of the production process in detail, from batches placed during the working day, to the amount of expenditure incurred and the energy consumption of the entire company. With all the data just a click away, you have full control over everything that happens.
  • Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms and accurate Machine Learning models, iDaq Analytics identifies the maintenance operation that must be carried out by anticipating faults before they occur: you can schedule repairs during non-working hours and promptly it notifies maintenance personnel. This extends the life of your equipment and increases production quality over time.

Thanks to the best and innovative technologies we use for all our solutions, your company is ready to become a Smart Factory.

►  Discover how to improve the efficiency of your company with iDaq Analytics:


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