Production Monitoring 4.0

Production Monitoring 4.0

In the digitization era of the working process, improving business efficiency has become the main focus of many Italian SMEs.

To keep up with the times and use new technologies, you need a complete solution that helps you to better manage your production plant in real-time, which is simple to use, fast and adapts to your business needs without any compromise.
Our solution for your company is iDaq, the innovative data collection and analysis platform already used by many SMEs to easily monitor tens of thousands of signals sent by machinery and devices.
The advantages of using iDaq

  • Leverage the intelligent scalability of iDaq to interconnect all your machines and devices regardless of model, brand and technology supported. All without limitations on the number of machines and devices you can interconnect.
  • iDaq is the easiest and most versatile solution for digitizing the production process. Thanks to its completeness and its reliability, the productivity of your company improves immediately optimizing production costs.
  • Thanks to its innovative technologies, iDaq is the ideal solution: while collecting and analyzing data, it informs you with emails, messages or signals onboard the machine, of any anomaly in progress.

Visit iDaq website and find out why so many SMEs choose it to become a factory 4.0.



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