Increase in productivity thanks to Industry 4.0

Thanks to the use of new technologies Italian companies could achieve an increase in productivity of between 30% and 50%.

Companies that in recent years have achieved the best results are those who have applied the concept of Industry 4.0 to their production systems.

According to the indexes derived from data collected by the European Commission, Italy appears to be among the "moderate innovators", along with Poland, Lithuania, Croatia, Malta, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Czech Republic. To follow, there are the "innovation followers", as the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands. Finland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden are the "innovative leaders".

As for public support to research and development activities, Italy is in fourteenth place and the percentage of funding in respect to the national GDP is only 0.05%. On the podium, South Korea (0.38%), France (0.37%) and Belgium (0.29%).

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