EUROGUSS 2020 - Nuremberg, Germany: participation in Europe's largest die casting fair

EUROGUSS 2020: predictive maintenance for industrial sectors

Euroguss is a biennial event dedicated to technologies, processes and products for the die-casting sector, visited by the entire German automotive world as well as numerous foreign operators.

The fair is showing a trend of considerable growth and importance. With 641 exhibitors and around 15,354 trade visitors, the last edition, which took place in 2018, proved to be the most important opportunity for die casting industry professionals to meet, and we are excited to announce our presence at the 2020 event.


Together for specific predictive maintenance for die casting plants

At the event we will be guests at our partner Gefond's stand to present the first artificial intelligence software for predictive maintenance created specifically for foundries: Perpetuo.

Gefond is qualified in the die-casting sector, which represents and distributes throughout Italy consumables and technological systems for the non-ferrous alloy foundries sector and is a leader in the maintenance and technical assistance of die-casting systems.  


Predictive maintenance solution

Perpetuo has been developed thanks to the iDaq Analytics platform: the software of TOOLS for SMART MINDS and Welol Next for predictive maintenance that adapts to the company's needs and structure.

What you can do with our predictive maintenance solution:

  • Anticipate breakdowns by reducing unplanned downtime
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase the effectiveness, safety and quality of establishments


Why come and discover Perpetuo at the Euroguss fair?

Because it is the first solution of its kind and will be presented exclusively at the German trade fair. Only at the stand will you have the chance to try it and see the demo before it is released.

Come and discover all the unique features of Perpetuo.

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About the exhibition:

14 - 16 January 2020

Nuremberg, Germany

Stand: 7-455

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