New Release: iDaq 2018

New Release: iDaq 2018

We are very pleased to announce the latest version of iDaq.

This is a major release, in fact, iDaq was split into two programs: iDaq Device Manager and iDaq Dock,  in order to get the maximum of flexibility and to make it as dynamic and customizable as possible. The interface of iDaq was redesigned to improve user experience through an interface easy to understand and pleasant to use.

Major benefits of using iDaq:

  • Any kind of machinery and sensors
    iDaq is a general purpose data logger capable to acquire, store and analyze data coming from many types of machinery such as Fanuc, Allen-Bradley, Siemens, and Heidenhain PLCs among others, National Instruments-based test benches and lab tests, and any kind of physical sensor.
  • A Strategic Approach to Measurement
    iDaq has the ability to very accurately measure very high-speed phenomena that escape most other data collection tools. It is the ideal platform for scientific analysis, technical investigation and strategic decisions based on data: for this reason, it has been chosen by various companies and research centers in the world. It's easy, scalable, and it can adapt to the change of your business.
  • No Special Skills Are Required
    Handling multiple data sources simultaneously and executing multi-tasking performances contribute to making data acquisition experiences easy and efficient. iDaq is the perfect data logger for non-technical users who want to visualize and store data avoiding hardware configuration details. No special skills are required, iDaq is the easiest way to visualize signals and save data in just a few clicks.
  • Drastically Reduce Times of Configuration
    iDaq recognizes acquisition hardware and automatically configures it to exploit its full potential. Moreover, iDaq has an intuitive interface that simplifies the management of all the connected sensors and devices. As a final note, a high-level system of data processing features completes the logger, as it allows to perform multiple operations at the same time.
  • Maximum Flexibility to Adapt to Your Work
    iDaq is designed to allow an easy implementation and a good manageability of any of its parts. In order to get the maximum of flexibility and to make it as dynamic and customizable as possible, iDaq is based on a module-based architecture structured on mainly two levels.


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