MECSPE 2024 March 6-8, BolognaFiere

MECSPE 2024 | BolognaFiere


Special news: T4SM will be present at the renowned MECSPE 2024 exhibition.

The fair, dedicated to the manufacturing industry, innovation and sustainability, will be held March 6-8 at BolognaFiera.



During MECSPE 2024, we will have the honor of presenting our innovative solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Industry 5.0. We are aware of the crucial role artificial intelligence plays in optimizing industrial processes, and we are proud to be a leader in this field, offering solutions, which increase the efficiency and quality of business processes.

Industry 5.0 represents a momentous turning point in the industrial environment, promoting a new form of collaboration between man and machine. We are firmly committed to being key players in this change, and during the event we will have the opportunity to present our cutting-edge solutions and discuss with you the potential of this industrial revolution.

T4SM is constantly dedicated to the research and development of new solutions aimed at optimizing production time, minimizing downtime and ensuring efficient use of resources. Thanks to our advanced software solutions, we are able to respond promptly to our customers' current needs, offering tools capable of:

  • Instantly control the performance of the entire machine fleet;
  • Maximize production quality;
  • Improve raw material utilization;
  • Monitor and detect downtime and anomalies.



Here is a brief summary of the benefits:

  • Increased business margins ⇒ Cycle Time monitoring and measurement for more accurate forecasts of production times, enabling greater cost control and profit optimization.
  • Cost/benefit analysis ⇒ Accurate assessment of the costs and benefits for order acquisition, enabling informed and strategic decisions.
  • Energy consumption monitoring and control ⇒ Efficient management of energy resources, reducing waste and optimizing operating costs.
  • Detection and elimination of inefficiencies ⇒ Resolution of anomalies in the production system results in significant improvement in overall efficiency.
  • Intelligent traceability ⇒ Detailed monitoring of production processes to ensure high quality standards.

We invite you to visit our booth at MECSPE 2024, where you can learn more about our solutions, meet our team, and learn more about how we can contribute to the success of your business.

We look forward to welcoming you to our booth and sharing this exciting experience with you.


Contact us for a free demo to learn about our innovative technologies that can reduce resource waste, encourage more sustainable consumption patterns and ensure greater productivity for your business.


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