T4SM projects in the predictive field

Interconnessione tardiva
       Written by Marina Tancredi

The times that today's market requires of the manufacturing industry are increasingly tight and any sudden stops in production can result in significant costs to companies.

All the organizations have company assets that are indispensable to manage the production but at the same time cause high investments that if are not efficiently All organizations have business assets that are indispensable for managing production, but which at the same time entail high investments that, if they are not efficiently compared to their useful life, can lead to important performance reductions.

Predictive maintenance comes to the rescue. Unlike breakdown maintenance, predictive maintenance allows the company to achieve significant reductions in downtime and costs, but above all extends the life cycle of the machine.

In tal senso, T4SM per supportare le aziende in ogni singola esigenza produttiva, si sta occupando di importanti progetti in campo predittivo.

In particular: 

  • Tool wear prediction to reduce machine damage. Many production managers need to know how long a particular tool will actually last. Normally, the machine manufacturer provides them with a data sheet that specifies the useful life of the tool. However, this is an average figure and not an objective measure of the degree of wear that we are able to define thanks to a model that is based on physical measurements of the vibrations emitted by the tool. It is for this reason that we often see a disposal of the tool before the actual wear. The analysis instead, allow an efficient management of the warehouse and a reduction of the costs and the wastes consequent to the premature dismissal;
  • The analysis of the rise in temperature of the lubricating oil which, once it exceeds 45 degrees, can compromise the correct lubrication properties, generate friction between mechanical parts and a consequent strain on the machine. It is possible to foresee the rise to the critical value by a few hours in order to intervene, move the production to another machine and verify the cause, which can be the obstruction of the flow pipes or the closing of valves. For example, we can predict and therefore avoid the blockage of the pumping system and obstructions in the flow;
  • Another upcoming project involves vibration analysis of motors for conveyor belts and pumps to reduce rotational axis or bearing failures, for example.

To enable you to implement efficient predictive maintenance strategies:

  1. We collect data from machinery and specific sensors (thermocouple, accelerometer, microphone...). We use synthetic data and apply algorithms that build a regression or classify this data automatically;
  2. We interpret the data by integrating our experience with that of your technicians and those who fully understand the operation of the production process to know the context in which the machine has worked and the most interesting signals to read;
  3. We carry out initial tests to understand how the machine works in order to give you back a forecast that is capable of making resources and machinery more efficient.

→Give value to your investments and choose the predictive maintenance solutions of T4SM


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