The digital factory as a tool for enriching human potential

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       Written by Marina Tancredi

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the companies that have been able to grow with a great show of resilience are the very ones that have invested the most in digital technologies

The main driver of the transformation of any organization are digital technologies and everything that revolves around the concept of Smart manufactuirng and Industry 4.0. Transformation, which has allowed companies to face the market with a strategic vision, implement a new business model and last but not least achieve significant increases in productivity.

In order for a company to pursue the goals it has set for itself, technological innovation must go hand in hand with organizational innovation.

In this regard, two particularly debated aspects of the relationship between technology and work are:

  • on the one hand, the use of technology to replace human labor;
  • on the other, the use of technology to enhance the capabilities of work and people.

The real added value of digital technologies and everything related to smart manufacturing is the ability to maximize and increase people skills, such as

  • the ability to retrieve data through smart devices connected to IoT technologies
  • the ability to process data through analytics and big data tools

Smart factories and 4.0 technologies are implemented to empower and enhance the work of operators and efficiently and effectively provide detailed information instrumental in controlling the process and making complex decisions independently.

The result of all this? An improvement in productivity and quality of work.

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