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       Written by Andrea Cadei

In the large list of communication protocols (standard and non-standard) supported by different machines, the transition to automatic data collection and analysis is essential to allow SMEs to globally control all the details of production.

Thanks to continuous evolution of technologies applied in the industrial area, companies want to improve production efficiency and to do so they need to simplify the communication between the machinery and the management / MES company.

So,  is there a solution that allows me to easily interconnect CNC Heidenhain to the company's management / MES, respecting the requirements of the Industry Plan 4.0?

The answer is iDaq, the fast and versatile platform for instant data collection and analysis.

With the implementation of the Heidenhain library and the high performance of iDaq, you can:

  • Configure your device even more easily,
  • Obtain processed information clearly and easily,
  • Act promptly in case of anomalies,
  • Know and track all downtime information in detail,
  • Facilitate communication between the CNCs and the project management software/MES.



Heidenhain Driver for iDaq

Take the first step to improve the efficiency of your Heidenhain CNCs: thanks to iDaq's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models, you control in detail everything that happens during production and out of working hours, view the status of the program running, real-time alerts and alerts and much more.

Here's what you can do by integrating iDaq into your company's existing architecture:

  • Interconnect all your Heidenhain CNCs in a few seconds, regardless of model and years of machine construction,
  • Facilitate the consultation of data, eliminating human errors and long waiting times for information management,
  • Control production costs in a simple, intuitive way and always have them with you,
  • Increase the quality of products, the life and performance of the machinery, thus improving the efficiency of the whole plant right from the start.

Thanks to the high speed of data reception and processing and the smart versatility of iDaq, you can fully control your SME's production in compliance with the requirements of Industry Plan 4.0 with various Heidenhain machines, including iTNC530, TNC 640, TNC 620, TNC 320, TNC 128, MANUALplus 620, CNC PILOT 640, GrindPlus 640, MillPlusIT V610, TNC426 and TNC430.

→ Achieve new goals in the industry of the future with iDaq. Contact us to take the first step.

Can you calculate the efficiency of your production plant with a click?

Add to iDaq DIGITAL FACTORY 4.0 solution to get all the details of your production in real-time.

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