Easily interconnect your FANUC CNCs with iDaq

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       Written by Andrea Bonisoli

Today industrial machinery supports different communication protocols. They can be standard, such as FANUC, MODBUS, OPC-UA, etc.... or custom protocols developed  by machinery manufacturers. (for further information, read the full article WHAT ARE THE MAIN INDUSTRIAL PROTOCOLS FOR THE MONITORING OF PLANTS?)

In this multitude of industrial protocols, how can FANUC cutters or lathes be interconnected to the project management software /MES with a single solution and comply with the requirements of Industry Plan 4.0?

The simplest answer is iDaq, the flexible platform for instant data collection and analysis.

With the implementation of the FOCAS2 library, officially provided by FANUC, you can:

  • Receive your already processed production data in the blink of an eye, eliminating human errors;
  • Configure devices in seconds to be operational right from the start;
  • Facilitate communication between the CNCs and the project management software /MES.



FANUC Driver for iDaq

Thanks to innovative technologies, iDaq is the perfect solution to improve the efficiency of your FANUC lathes and cutters: it tracks every detail of production, displays the machine status, operating parameters and much more.

Here's what you can do with the platform:

  • Easily interconnect all your FANUC CNCs of different technologies and ages;
  • Increase product quality, life and machine performance;
  • Improve the efficiency of the whole plant right from the start;
  • Eliminate long data consultation times;
  • Keep production costs under control in a simple and intuitive way;
  • Act promptly in case of anomalies found during production.


→ The interconnection of machinery is essential to improve the efficiency of your company. Contact us to take the first step.

Do you want a global view of your production plant?

Add to iDaq DIGITAL FACTORY 4.0 solution to control the whole company in  real-time and improve its efficiency.

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