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       Written by Luisa Caramatti

Today production data have become indispensable for entrepreneurs who wish to learn in detail how the entire production of their SME is carried out.

The multitude of this information, however, makes immediate analysis of the different data collected by machinery impossible.

Which can therefore be the solution that allows in a few seconds to know the state of production in a clear and simple way?


Fabbrica Digitale 4.0 offers you the complete suite for the remote control of the production plant:

  • Frontend, the real-time data viewer. Thanks to this platform, you can easily control all departments, production lines and individual machines in the factory simply from your office PC;
  • Alarms, the production department alarm control panel. The solution allows you to act on downtime in a timely way and to take care of the maintenance of the damaged component;
  • Calendar, the company calendar to optimize the work of Alarms even outside working hours;
  • Part Program Manager, the "management" of all processing configurations divided between machines, articles and recipes. The platform allows you to optimize production times.

Thanks to the native implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models, it is the ideal solution for your SME and allows you to:

  • reduce operator errors;
  • intervene on stops thanks to the identification of production inefficiencies in real-time;
  • improve overall productivity;
  • reduce the downtime of machines connected to each other (production lines) thanks to the analysis of the collected data;
  • much more.


→ The interconnection of machinery is essential to improve the efficiency of your company. Contact us to take the first step.


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