The vacation is over, relaunch your production with an extra gear!

Production plant monitoring. Machinery interconnection. Predictive maintenance.
       Written by Anastasiia Loboiko

The holidays are over, it's time to roll up sleeves and get back to producing

Thanks to our 20-years experience in the field, we have the necessary skills to offer you a range of solutions that will take your SME to new levels. Our software meets various manufacturing management needs including:

  • Digitalization - our staff is able to interconnect your equipment so that you can collect and analyze the essential data for your manufacturing process. Switching to Industry 4.0 has never been easier!
  • Real-time monitoring - our solutions save time for technical analysis of your plant and extract relevant information for strategic and management decisions wherever you are.
  • Production automation - thanks to the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms integrated into our software, you can take benefit from digital innovation and obtain real competitive advantages: reduction of human errors, optimization of production times, an increase of product quality, reduction of downtimes thanks to predictive maintenance.
  • Optimization - thanks to the collected data you can optimize both your manufacturing process and your expenses. You will be able to reduce production wastes, accurately measure the cost of each resource used in the production process, manage orders with maximum efficiency and precision, and much more.


Check out our software stack:


Universal real-time signal acquisition and processing platform. The perfect tool for machinery interconnection. More info.

Easy Datalogger

The best tool for the technical analysis of machinery or a set of sensors signals. The right solution for technicians and researchers, to visualize all the real-time data and find the answers you are looking for in a few clicks. More info.

Fabbrica Digitale 4.0

The perfect solution for real-time manufacturing monitoring and predictive analysis. With Digital Factory 4.0, you'll have complete control over every detail of the production process. Traceability, efficiency improvement, automatic data analysis, and much more, with unparalleled simplicity. More info.


Automatic data processing and automatic data transfer platform that works with databases, clouds, and third-party platforms. The easiest solution for communicating data to your management software. More info.

iDaq Analytics

Advanced and intuitive Cloud-based data analysis system. The ideal tool for predictive maintenance, monitoring of geographically distributed plants, and strategic analysis. More info.


Found the right solution for you? Do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

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