The importance of Data Visualization

The importance of Data Visualization for SMEs
       Written by Luisa Caramatti

Thanks to the advent of Industry 4.0, SMEs have realized the importance of production process data.

In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every day and with such an excessive amount of information, the management and comparison of data become unimaginable.

So, what can be a quick solution to find the road in there?

The answer is Data Visualization.


What Data Visualization is?

As the word itself says, Data visualization is a graphical representation of information and data. It is used to display and analyze trends, abnormal values, and patterns in data.

It is scientifically proven that a human's brain processes visual information much faster than text. In fact, according to the Dual-coding theory, it uses two different channels to mentally represent information: verbal and non-verbal. Text information is processed by only the first one, while the image is analyzed by both channels, increasing the message impact.


What are its origins?


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What are its functions?

A good Data Visualization solution must:

  •  Summarize Big Data graphically, allowing everyone to easily understand all parameters
  •  Focus attention only on important data and do not distract the user with irrelevant info
  •  Show all gathered data accurately
  •  Uniform large data sets
  •  Reveal data at different levels from the most complex to the simplest


In the last few years, data has become the starting point for strategically deciding the workflow, while the intelligent interconnection of machinery becomes essential to fully exploit the entire machine park's potential. In fact, Data Visualization allows you to have the answers you are looking for immediately, such as the energy consumption of machinery, OEE, and much more.

To help companies in this new challenge, T4SM developed Digital Factory 4.0, the first real-time production management platform that natively integrates easy-to-use charts and indicators. Digital Factory 4.0 shows in no time all the production details: from the entire production line to the single machinery, simplifying all collected data.


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