Aluminium Bozen

A well-conceived solution to monitor foundry ovens in an extremely easy way


The Challenge

Aluminium Bozen, a foundry specialized in extrusion for industrial application, required an extremely easy solution to manage multiple functions such as:

  • monitoring heating and cooling of billets during the entire process;
  • collecting data on network servers;
  • creating an automatic report of the collected data;
  • remote monitoring showing potential alarms occurring during the process;
  • managing multiple ovens with a single machine.

At present, ovens installed in the majority of plants have control systems based on PLC, whose technology does not permit to manage multiple procedures easily; in addition, data saving on network servers (i.e.: specific oven zone temperature, burners status, fans, etc…) is usually very complex and limited.


The Solution

To meet all these specific demands, T4SM realized an application (GF-BMC) based on iDaq, an innovative signal management platform capable to acquire signals coming from thousands of sensors and capable to interconnect with the majority of PLC, such as Siemens, Omron and Rockwell.

Together with BMC Elettrica, a high-performance communication module has been developed; this module can receive and transfer data coming from PLC to switchboards that manage oven cycles.

The solution can be installed everywhere on the LAN and can manage from one up to three ovens simultaneously.

Solution diagram proposed to Aluminium Bozen


Benefits and Results

GF-BMC is a ready-to-use application as its installation time is definitely short. Thanks to its intuitive and clear interface, users can set it up in complete autonomy.

To make a long story short, the daily usage, the easy management and the flexibility of this solution represent an unprecedented satisfaction factor.



  • Create a control system capable to manage multiple procedures easily
  • Saving data on network servers, implementing the current plc-based technology
  • Remote monitor of oven status in case of alarm
  • Create a friendly and easy-to-use interface



  • Create an application based on iDaq, an innovative signal platform, capable to interact with the majority of PLCs
  • Realization of a high-performance communication module
  • Data coming from PLCs saved on network servers
  • Quick setup and user-friendly application



  • LabVIEW 2014
  • iDaq 2015
  • PLC Rockwell


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