Tecnowood's need are to automate data collection in the production department and easily manage the production

Machinery interconnection in optics 4.0 to digitalize and manage the production agilely


The challenge

Tecnowood srl is a company specialized in the realization of eco-friendly and sustainable prefabricated wooden buildings and wooden roofs.

The company needs to:

 automate data collection in the production department;

 to easily manage the production.

In order to meet these needs, the first step was to interconnect the Sand 4 sander in a 4.0 perspective and then submit it to expertise, allowing the company to benefit from the tax incentives offered by the state plan Enterprise 4.0.

TOOLS for SMART MINDS is required to do the agile data exchange part, the instant collection and analysis of data from the machines.


The solution

T4SM met Speciainsert's needs in a short time, proposing a scalable, complete and customized solution. 

T4SM has proposed to Tecnowood solutions that can be integrated into the company database, scalable, but above all simple and intuitive

To facilitate the work of the entire company, making it even more efficient, have been installed software developed in view of Industry 4.0 and tested at length in T4SM:

Þ iDaq: automatically receives, records and analyzes data from the sander, allowing the company to keep its operating parameters under control.

Þ Digital Factory 4.0: monitors in real time the entire production plant through a simple and intuitive visualization of all process and production data, such as machine status, article in production, number of pieces produced and presence of any alarms.

Þ Production Controller Lite: it easily manages the entire workflow of the company: in a few clicks Tecnowood can create a new job, start it, visualize the progress and specify the number of pieces. It also allows to send data to the machine (requirement 4.0) such as the name of the job, the article and the number of pieces to produce.


Solution Diagram of the supervision software



Benefits and Results

T4SM through its software has allowed Tecnowood to achieve the objectives and the following benefits:

The simplification of the workflow on multiple company levels through the use of simple solutions able to halve the learning time and make the entire organization more efficient;

The complete traceability of production with a real-time display of all information instrumental to the optimization of the production process. The collected data are also historicizable (requirement 4.0) in order to define long-term business strategies;

State incentives of Piano Impresa 4.0. Respecting all the requirements reported by the legislation, Tecnowood could access the tax benefits.


"The T4SM Team, has enabled us to meet the challenges of digitization and automation, with a complete solution to manage and monitor the entire business production process."


Alessandro Blegi

Sole Director

Tecnowood s.r.l.




  • Automate data collection in the production department
  • Production management system




Based on a system consisting of highly modular Industry 4.0 software solutions that allow interconnection with the company database. In addition, Production controller lite has been implemented to facilitate the configuration of machinery recipes and the streamlining of the workflow.



  • iDaq
  • Digital factory 4.0
  • Production Controller Lite


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