Frosio Bortolo

Frosio Bortolo is a company specialized in handle items and its main needs are the digitalization of the production process and a 360 degrees control of all the production steps.


Digitalization of the productive process in optics 4.0


The challenge

The Frosio Bortolo group is a modern industrial reality in continuous evolution, more and more competitive on the international market thanks to an effective strategy of production diversification and to a team that integrates itself in order to offer a range of products that satisfies in the widest way the customer's needs. Today, the Frosio Bortolo company successfully distributes its door and window handles and accessories all over the world.

The different plants of the group needed to:

  • Have integrated and functional information available for organizational models, which could represent a real competitive advantage;
  • Improve the quality of work and the efficiency of production processes
  • Digitize processes
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Ensure a 360° integrated control of all production steps.

TOOLS for SMART MINDS is required for the collection, instant analysis and agile exchange of data.

The first step towards digitization was the interconnection of around 40 machines (including robot manipulators, machining centers and rotary tables) divided into four departments (grinding, machining, painting, assembly). Once surveyed, the company was able to benefit from the tax incentives offered by the Transition 4.0 plan.


The solution

T4SM has applied to the production structure of Frosio Bortolo srl simple solutions, scalable and in the future integrable not only to the company database but also to the MES.

All software also meet the requirements of the transition plan.

è il software che ha permesso l’effettiva interconnessione dei macchinari, permettendo all’azienda di ricevere e tenere sotto controllo i segnali di funzionamento;

è una soluzione altamente intuitiva che permette al team aziendale un monitoraggio in tempo reale dell’intero impianto produttivo attraverso una visualizzazione semplice di tutti i dati di processo e produzione, come: lo stato macchina, la velocità della catena, l’articolo in produzione, il numero di pezzi prodotti e la presenza di eventuali allarmi;

schedula la produzione consentendo una gestione agile dell’intero flusso di lavoro aziendale. Permette inoltre di scrivere in macchina (il nome della commessa, l’articolo e il numero di pezzi produrre), rispettando così un requisito 4.0. In pochi secondi Frosio Bortolo può creare una nuova commessa, avviarla, visualizzarne l’andamento e specificare il numero di pezzi;

sono stati installati diversi pannelli operatore, per agevolare gli addetti nell’avvio di ordini di produzione direttamente a bordo macchina, monitorando il numero dei pezzi prodotti e i tempi di produzione.

 Solution Diagram of the supervision software


Benefits and Results

Digitization at all levels of the company and T4SM's customized software solutions have enabled the achievement of the set goals and the following benefits:

  • Identification of inefficiencies in internal processes;
  • Identification and reduction of bottlenecks: the continuous traceability of production resources makes it possible to identify and consequently correct particular events, anomalies or slowdowns, increasing overall efficiency;
  • Shared data in real time: automated data acquisition allows for immediate use of data, both in raw and aggregate form;
  • Increased efficiency in the production process;
  • Management of finished product inventories and shipments;
  • Optimization of times and operations in the different company departments;
  • Optimization of logistic processes and flows;
  • Traceability of the production: all the data of the productive cycle are traced allowing to have a history;
  • State incentives of the Impresa 4.0 Plan: Frosio Bortolo has been able to access the tax benefits respecting all the requirements reported by the legislation.


Future developments

The collaboration with T4SM continues with the integration of the solutions applied to the MES in order to make the company's production even more efficient. The future model is that of a fully digitized factory: every new machinery purchased will be interconnected to the existing network.

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"The solutions developed by T4SM allow the management board to have effective tools for monitoring production resources, which are essential for the continuous improvement that Frosio Bortolo has always implemented. The digital transition, thanks to the skills of the T4SM team, took place quickly and without any hiccups."


Pietro Frosio


Frosio Bortolo srl



  • Digitizing the production process
  • Monitoring and efficiency of production resources
  • 360° control of all the steps of the production process


Based on a system consisting of highly modular Industry 4.0 software solutions that allow interconnection with the company database. In addition, Part program manager lite has been implemented to facilitate the configuration of machinery recipes and the streamlining of the workflow.



  • iDaq
  • Digital factory 4.0
  • Part program manager
  • Operator panel


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