Vassena is a company with a high degree of specialization in the production of tools for wire drawing and cleaning needs to apply solutions that allow it to interconnect its machinery 4.0 and manage its production in an agile way.

Machinery interconnection in optics 4.0 to digitalize and manage the production agilely

The challenge

Vassena is a company with a high degree of specialization thanks to its fifty-year experience in the production of tools for wire drawing and wire cleaning. Its products, including pressure bushes and wire polishers, find their main and natural outlet in the complex international wire drawing market.
The collection of process and production data has allowed Vassena to objectively control the operating parameters of the machines and the complete traceability of data for the identification of process drifts.

TOOLS for SMART MINDS has interconnected 5 machines, allowing Vassena to benefit from the tax incentives provided by the Transition 4.0 plan.

The solution

T4SM proposed to Vassena solutions characterized by:

  • Half learning time to allow the entire department to be productive right away;
  • Scalability to allow the company to interconnect and control other machines purchased in the future, in order to have complete control of productivity.

The platforms installed that allow to achieve an efficiency of the entire production process are the following:

Þ iDaq: is the interconnection software that communicates directly with the machinery and collects the main production data.

Þ Digital Factory 4.0: it allows a real time visualization through an interactive interface of all the data acquired from the machines, including the machine status. It also notifies any operating anomalies. For even more in-depth production analysis, production managers can view the information contained in the database.

Þ Part program manager: allows Vassena to manage the entire workflow in an agile manner. Besides speeding up the work of the operators thanks to the immediate sending of the operating parameters, it also allows the saving of the recipe directly associated to the article.

Solution Diagram of the supervision software



Benefits and Results

The objectives set and achieved by Vassena are the following:

  • Production tracking for the identification of anomaly events and correlating them to machine parameters, particularly efficiency reduction;
  • State incentives of the Impresa 4.0 Plan. By complying with all the requirements reported in the regulations, Vassena was able to access the tax benefits;
  • Rapid consultation of collected data to optimize business strategies.

"We used the collaboration of T4SM to interconnect our machines and digitize the production process. We were pleasantly impressed by the availability and professionalism of the team who managed to provide us with complete solutions to better manage our production." 


Davide Vassena

Research Manager

Vassena Filiere srl





  • Digitizing the production process
  • Production management system
  • Production traceability


Based on a system consisting of highly modular Industry 4.0 software solutions that allow interconnection with the company database. In addition, Production controller lite has been implemented to facilitate the configuration of machinery recipes and the streamlining of the workflow.



  • iDaq
  • Digital factory 4.0
  • Part program manager


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