Specialinsert's need is to is to digitize the entire production process in a 4.0 perspective, simplifying the work of the entire company.

Complete digitalization of the production process


The challenge

Specialinsert is a company that specializes in the design, manufacture and commercialization of fastening systems.

In order to increase the production efficiency, the company is looking for software solutions that allow in a short time to have the intelligent traceability of all the details of the production, displaying in real time statistics on the performance of machinery and production plant, and the simplification of the workflow for operators on board the machine with the implementation of a special operator panel.

Last but not least, the solution sought must be scalable and adapt to the architecture of data interchange already existing between the company's project management software and the machines, divided between the two sites of Turin and Mestre, making bi-directional communication 4.0 even more agile and allowing the collection of process information in a more precise and granular way.

TOOLS for SMART MINDS is required for the agile data exchange part, such as the collection, instant analysis of data from the machines, automatic transfer from the machine to the company management system.

The solution

T4SM met Speciainsert's needs in a short time, proposing a scalable, complete and customized solution. 

In order to facilitate the work of the entire company, making it even more efficient, software developed with Industry 4.0 in mind was installed and tested at length in T4SM.

iDaq automatically receives, processes and sends data from the machine to the company's project management software in just a few seconds.

With the innovative technologies present in the platform, the user constantly monitors all the operating parameters available from the machinery processed in real time and thanks to the advanced diagnostics function, if an anomaly is found, he is promptly informed of the situation in order to intervene on the problem and solve it.

Digital Factory 4.0 Frontend, combined with the data processing power of Kernel and PPM, allows the production supervisor to check in real time the production status of the machines, the orders in execution and the production data of the machines. The operator panels allow to visualize pending jobs and to justify through causal stop events. In addition, it is reported when it is necessary to take pieces for a possible quality control.


Solution Diagram of the supervision software



Benefits and Results

All objectives have been achieved, allowing Specialinsert to obtain considerable benefits, such as:

  • Precise and instantaneous traceability of the entire production process, thanks to the facilitated two-way communication between machinery and company project management software, allows immediate consultation of information to all company personnel, generating a clear improvement in the production process at all levels. The paper tables of the orders to be produced in the production department and the related human errors of compilation are immediately eliminated.
  • The simplification of the work at all company levels due to the use of easy and intuitive solutions increases the efficiency of the SME, which adapts to the needs of the market, production and quality, thus becoming more competitive


Future developments

The collaboration with T4SM continues with the development of a complete, fast and simple quality control system to allow the whole company to be even more efficient and eliminate any non-conformities in the articles produced.

"T4SM has been, and still is, a key partner in achieving and improving the idea of "Smart Factory" that we had in mind, making it a reality.

Today, our company has begun a path of integration and constant implementation with T4SM software of our plants, allowing us to manage our production processes with data processed in real time, with the aim of achieving the Specialinsert srl 4.0, able to face the global market of the present and the future."


Dr. Franco Pioggia

Headquarter Quality Management

Specialinsert srl



  • Precise traceability of the production process
  • Simplification of the work at all levels in which the company is structured
  • Facilitated two-way communication between machinery and project management software



Based on a system consisting of highly modular Industry 4.0 software solutions that allow interconnection with the company database. In addition, Part Program Manager (PPM) has been implemented to facilitate the configuration of machinery recipes and streamline workflow.



  • iDaq
  • Digital factory 4.0
  • PPM


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