IMT Armaturen

The need of IMT Armaturen is to automate data collection in the production department.


Interconnect for Industry 4.0 Plan with comprehensive, easy-to-use and scalable software solution



The challenge

IMT Armaturen has been a leader in specialty valves and heating equipment for over 40 years.

The need is to automate data collection in the production department. It is essential to interconnect the new generation Gnutti machinery and expertise to allow IMT Armaturen to benefit from the tax incentives offered by the Italian National Industry 4.0 Plan, with the PC in the offices to know the status and alarms of the machinery, the number of good and rejected parts.

TOOLS for SMART MINDS is required for the data exchange part, such as collection, instant analysis of data from the machinery, automatic transfer from the machinery to the company server and vice versa.



Gnutti machinery - IMT Armaturen

Gnutti machinery - IMT Armaturen


The Solution

T4SM was able to meet IMT Armaturen's needs by proposing a complete, customized and modular solution.

Industry 4.0: diagram of machinery interconnection for IMT Armaturen

Industry 4.0: diagram of machinery interconnection for IMT Armaturen

Softwares developed for Industry 4.0 and tested for a long time at T4SM are installed at the company and they make the work of the whole company more efficient.

All the proposed solutions, developed for Industry 4.0 and long tested in T4SM, make the work of the entire company more efficient.

iDaq automatically acquires, processes, records and analyzes data from the machine to the PC within seconds.

With its innovative functions of constant data traceability and advanced diagnostics, every operating parameters are available from the machinery and are controlled in real-time. If iDaq find an anomaly, it inform to users of the situation in order to be able to intervene promptly on the problem and solve it. Thanks to these two fundamental functions, the company chooses the best working strategy to increase the performance of its production.

Digital Factory 4.0 is a simple and intuitive platform for real-time visualization of the production plant. Not only that, but it facilitates the work of all the staff and makes even more efficient the communication between the Gnutti machinery, the operator panel on board the machine and the PC in the offices.

Production Controller Lite allows to easily manage the workflow of the entire company: with a single solution you can create new batches  and view the progress of the batches started on the operator panel of the machine.



Benefits and Results

By implementing T4SM solutions, all objectives were met allowing IMT Armaturen to achieve significant benefits:

  • Tracking every data of the production process with a click allows to have a complete and instant visualization of all the desired information, having the guarantee to have them always available even in time.
  • Working becomes even easier thanks to easy and intuitive interfaces, making users productive immediately.
  • Human error reduction and paper forms elimination with the digitization of process data, which allows immediate consultation of the acquired and analyzed information to all personnel, improving production efficiency at all levels.
  • Nimbly interconnect other machines thanks to the modularity and scalability of the solution.
  • State incentives of the Impresa 4.0 Plan: all the requirements of the legislature have been met in order to access the tax benefits.


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" For more than twenty years we have strategically decided to try to combine innovation and quality as much as possible, both from a design and a technical production point of view. The choice to collaborate with T4SM has allowed us to keep faith with our guidelines and to improve significantly from a management/data acquisition point of view. Competence and availability are the key words if you want to describe T4SM and the collaborators that are part of it."  

Ottavio Massarenti

Production Manager

IMT Armaturen



  • Machinery Interconnection
  • Automation of data collection
  • Automation of the sending of recipes to the machines at the start of the job order
  • Downtime tracking
  • Traceability of production
  • Compliance with legal requirements for the Italian National Industry 4.0 Plan







Based on a system consisting of highly modular software solutions for Industry 4.0 that allow interconnection with the company's MES. Thanks to Part Program Manager it is possible to manage all the processing configurations differentiated by machine and by article.

In addition, Production Controller Lite has been implemented for easy management of the flow of orders.



  • iDaq
  • Fabbrica Digitale  4.0
  • Production Controller Lite




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