F.lli Carminati

F.lli Carminati is a company with experience in the field of mechanics and expert in the broaching process. Objective: interconnection between robot, management system and MES to become Industry 4.0 and recharge all the benefits that result.

Industry 4.0 Interconnection


The challenge

F.lli Carminati is a company with experience in the field of mechanics and expert in the broaching process. It boasts a solid specialization in broaching, slotting and grinding work for third parties, in addition to the production of its own hydraulic pumps.

Its goal is to become Industry 4.0 to be more efficient and competitive and respond to the challenges of the ever-changing market.

The challenge is to interconnect the broaching load robot with the management system and the company MES with the aim of automating data collection, tracking down and knowing the cost associated with each job and therefore having to interconnect different hardware and software entities.

The company also want to take advantage of the opportunity offered by Business Plan 4.0, which offers state incentives to promote the technological innovation of the country: further objective to be achieved is, therefore, compliance with the requirements of the Italian legislature in this regard.


Interconnessione Industria 4.0 - case study


The solution

T4SM solved the needs of F.lli Carminati in a very short time by using software already developed and tested for long internally.

iDaq is used to communicate directly with the robot (Novarobotics) via Modbus TCP protocol.

iDaq collects the main production and process data, such as:

  • Alarms
  • Robot status
  • Number of pieces produced
  • Process data, such as the torque measured on the joints of the robot

Digital Factory 4.0 Lite provides a global view of the plant and forwards the pieces that the robot must process based on the order that the operator chooses from the MES.

Lilium deals with the transfer of data to the company database, from which the MES extrapolates the information for viewing and archiving, and the transfer of data from the database to Digital Factory 4.0 and iDaq.


Diagram of the interconnection in Industry 4.0 key


Benefits and Results

All the pre-established objectives have been achieved, thus succeeding F.lli Carminati to obtain significant benefits:

  • Time-saving: the operator can now initiate an order from the MES and the production data required for the robot to operate are sent automatically.
  • Cost determination: with all process and production data collected automatically, an accurate cost report can be obtained.
  • Reduction of human errors: data acquisition is automatic, reducing errors due to manual operations.
  • Traceability: all the data of the production cycle are tracked and there is a production history committed per job.
  • State Incentives of the Business Plan 4.0: all the requisites required by the Italian legislature have been respected.





"Our company was looking for a partner able to interconnect our new machinery to the developing management system. Our request was to have all the data related to the processing, interconnect them with the management system that we were developing and manage them from a single location, being able to fall within the development plan of Industry 4.0. The decision to rely on T4SM as a supplier was made after some meetings and was a winner one. In a very short time they managed to develop what was required by interfacing directly with those who were developing the management system. Given the excellent work we have decided to entrust T4SM with the expansion of the interconnection of the other machinery." 

Marco Carminati
Production and Logistics Manager 
F.lli Carminati Snc



  • Interconnect the Novarobotics broaching loading robot
  • Have downtime
  • Automate data collection
  • Respecting the requirements of the State Business Plan 4.0



  • Based on a system consisting of iDaq and Digital Factory 4.0 that communicate with the robot and the management system



  • iDaq
  • Digital Factory  4.0 Lite
  • Lilium


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