Frosio Bortolo

Frosio Bortolo is a company specialized in handle items and its main needs are the digitalization of the production process and a 360 degrees control of all the production steps.

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The need of Flexamek is to automate data collection in the production department.

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IMT Armaturen

The need of IMT Armaturen is to automate data collection in the production department.

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Rubinetteria Mora

The need of Rubinetteria Mora is to automate data collection in the production department.

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Manital requires the interlinking of new machinery to automate data collection, increase efficiency, and benefit from the tax incentives provided by the Italian National Industry 4.0 Plan.

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Specialinsert's need is to is to digitize the entire production process in a 4.0 perspective, simplifying the work of the entire company.

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Vassena is a company with a high degree of specialization in the production of tools for wire drawing and cleaning needs to apply solutions that allow it to interconnect its machinery 4.0 and manage its production in an agile way.

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PiZeta's goal is to automate data collection, track downtime and know the cost associated with each order, interconnecting lathes and transfer machines.


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F.lli Carminati

F.lli Carminati is a company with experience in the field of mechanics and expert in the broaching process. Objective: interconnection between robot, management system and MES to become Industry 4.0 and recharge all the benefits that result.

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Walvoil S.p.A., a leading global manufacturer of hydraulic valves and complete mechatronic systems designed for mobile equipment, needs to automate some fundamentals procedures. Some of those are to perform durability tests on hydraulic devices, to perform specific tests to evaluate functional characteristics of prototypes and to gather information about product performance.

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