Irmie Impianti

IRMIE Impianti, an engineering and plant construction company operating worldwide, required an advanced application for a rail test bench.

A very complex T4SM application permits to manage and control a rail test bench


The challenge

IRMIE Impianti, an engineering and plant construction company operating worldwide, required an advanced application for a rail test bench.
The bench needed to:

  • Perform different types of tests in different modalities;
  • Drive actuators and read bench variables;
  • Collect and process data;
  • Manage functions such as: alarms, archive and general settings;
  • Create and edit recipes;
  • Create automatic test reports.

Before the intervention of T4SM, there was the need to develop a supervising and control software based on National Instruments electronic equipment as well as a re-examination of some fundamental aspects concerning the management and the interaction of the bench itself with forefront solutions. 


The solution

To meet all these specific demands, T4SM realized a SCADA application based on Irmie specification. This software integrated with Irmie power drive is capable to perform different types of tests, supplying the motor with the necessary power and detecting a set of physical quantities through sensors positioned inside the bench itself, in the field or inside the object under test.

The realized application covers a wide range of practical needs and it is very complex and detailed

Solution diagram proposed to Irmie Impianti

Diagram of the solution



Benefits and Results

The main benefit is undoubtedly a marked upgrading in the technical performances of the end product with a high innovation content. The software architecture has been completely modified with a modular design in order to allow a better management and make possible future integrations.
To make a long story short, the daily usage, the easy management and the flexibility of this solution represent an unprecedented satisfaction factor.



Service quality had been more than satisfactory. The relationship with the various company figures had been direct, constant and collaborative. During this first work experience, both sides had to face new situations whose resolution has improved our respective technical and professional know-how. The realized application is very detailed and covers a wide range of practical needs. Our production environment, however, requires a constant adaptation to the technical specification required by our customers or by the context in which the product is developed. For this reason, it is likely to consider future collaborations with T4SM both to implement what we have already done and to develop new applications.

Marco Spagnolo - Project Manager - Irmie Impianti



  • Develop management and supervising control software of a rail test bench based on National Instruments electronic equipment
  • Manage heterogeneous systems based on different communication protocols
  • Create an application capable to interface with futuristic solutions



  • Create a modular application with a user-friendly interface and a quick set-up



  • NI CompactRIO (Ethernet)
  • NI CompactDAQ (Ethernet)
  • Milliohmeter (RS232)
  • Power suppliy (RS232)
  • Analog and digital I/O VIPA modules (Modbus)
  • Inverter (Modbus)
  • LabVIEW 2014
  • MS-SQL SERVER 2014


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