Plants & infrastructures


The Eucentre Foundation, European Center for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering, deals with training and research on the reduction of seismic risk. The need is to standardize the data acquisition system through a sufficiently general but also robust and flexible support.

Case study

Irmie Impianti

IRMIE Impianti, an engineering and plant construction company operating worldwide, required an advanced application for a rail test bench.

Case study

Logitech Automazione

Logitech Automation, a company that operates in the design of automation plants and systems, wants to build a new type of test bench for three-way valves.

Case study


Vici&C. needed a new generation test bench able to perform different types of tests on throttle bodies and especially to fulfill the strict requirements of machine units producers and automotive businesses, as guaranteeing the best performances, certain safeness and absolute reliability.

Case study

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